Where we’ve been

Since 2011, CQC has been awarding vocational and higher ed scholarships to Washington high school students who give back to their communities and demonstrate a strong civic spirit.

What we’re doing now

CQC is going back to its roots. We believe that partners in the public, private and nonprofit worlds can help empower communities. Although the vital scholarship program continues, we’re building a strong network to grow our work in other critical areas.


Working together to shape the city landscape

Today’s communities are complex environments, and the more minds applied to harnessing knowledge, creating solutions and defining future directions, the better. Higher education is working with AWC CQC to help shape the city landscape. Whether it’s data and technology, infrastructure and the environment, or community engagement and leadership, students and faculty are partners in addressing our community’s needs. They bring insightful analysis, creative collaboration, significant research – and cities are the perfect laboratory for putting ideas and training into action.

AWC CQC works with the University of Washington, Western Washington University, Washington State University, Eastern Washington University and The Evergreen College on a variety of projects. Our 2017 goal is to strengthen the network by continuing to cultivate new projects and ideas across the state.

Project questions?

Michelle Harvey
Association of Washington Cities

Scholarship questions?

Karen Tanner
Association of Washington Cities

Board of Directors

The Association of Washington Cities Chief Executive Officer and Executive Committee serve as the Board of Directors.