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Our projects

Bringing communities together to talk about homelessness

We’re working with three Washington communities on housing and homelessness, helping create opportunities for both leaders and citizens to create local solutions. CQC is partnering with The Evergreen College, Western Washington University and the Community Forums Network to give people a way to help move forward this incredibly complex issue.

In a pilot project, the communities will spend a year learning and using Participatory Leadership capacity building skills to create community-based conversation networks. Any city is rich in resources, and the best way to discover these resources is to bring diverse people together in good conversations. The Participatory Leadership pilot is about creating a collective problem-solving approach, for groups to function well, and for people to become meaningful activists and create a healthier, more resilient community.

Creating resilient green communities

Tomorrow’s healthy community depends on today’s vision and leadership. Part of the CQC mission is working with cities as environmental stewards, creating a framework that supports a thriving green economy. We’re taking that concept to the drawing board, working with partners from universities, the public and private sectors, NGOS, community organizations, and the Association of Washington Cities to explore the possibilities of an economic green corridor in Washington state.

What would it mean for our cities, the region, and the world if Washington can develop, nurture and grow the technologies and manufacture the products that address climate change? CQC and its partners are starting the discussion with an economic analysis, creating a roadmap that explores four critical sustainability connections: water, energy, agriculture and forestry, and building materials.