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Methow Made is more than a brand – It’s a way of life

By Don Linnertz, Executive Director, TwispWorks. 2019, Creative, Original, Local, Methow Made, p. 5

From glacial-fed lakes to wildflower-covered meadows, the Methow Valley is a place whose natural splendor can take your breath away. With such staggering beauty all around us, it’s no surprise that the Methow has become home to hundreds of artists, small manufacturers, craftspeople, farmers and producers whose entrepreneurial spirit creates the backbone of our local, creative economy.

In small communities like ours, the concept of shopping local takes on a special meaning.
The hand-blown glass vases, upcycled bird, bat and bee houses, or one-of-a-kind notecards you purchase here in the Methow Valley were made just around the corner. The organic goat’s cheese, delectable chocolate truffles or fresh-from-the-oven breads enjoyed throughout the Methow Valley come from a few storefronts down. The heirloom tomatoes, heritage grains or clover honey you find in the grocery store aisle were harvested just over the next hill.

When you buy locally made products here, it’s “neighbor helping neighbor” at its finest. It’s an investment not just in a business, but also in a way of life.

Methow made
Seven years ago, TwispWorks created the Methow Made Program. Initially made possible by a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Methow Made provides sales, marketing and retail support to local producers and artisans. To qualify, a member must make or grow their product here in the Methow Valley. TwispWorks continues manage and grow the Methow Made program both in the number of participants in the program and in the benefits available to members.

What local looks like
This Methow Made special publication is a partnership between TwispWorks and the Methow Valley News and is designed to showcase many of the local business who deserve your support. But buying Methow Made goes beyond supporting a single business or craftsperson. It has an additional, profound affect in that it creates a multiplier effect for your investment boosting the local economy.

Your dollars support the retailer selling the product, the producer making the product and the community through tax revenue. It’s a win-win-win. Not to mention the quality, craftsmanship and value of Methow Made products are stellar. You can find Methow Made products in retail locations throughout the Methow Valley. Just look for the Methow Made logo. Or you can visit the Methow Made Facebook page or web site.

This is what local looks like – make the connection and buy Methow Made!

Learn more about the Methow Investment Network.