Washington cities large and small are experiencing serious impacts related to climate change. Identifying and preparing for risks and costs is at the heart of resiliency and sustainability efforts for cities. Explore these resources to help assess and plan for the unique risks your community faces.

Climate Resilience Handbook: Preparing for a changing environment

Extreme heat waves, drought, wildfires, flooding, sea level rise—cities face daunting challenges in preparing for and mitigating the impacts of climate change. AWC has partnered with a variety of climate experts to publish a new resource for city leaders and planners: Climate Resilience Handbook: Preparing for a changing environment.

Find tips for assessing and understanding the unique risks facing your community, guidance on developing a climate action plan, and strategies for mitigating greenhouse gas emissions. The handbook provides examples of climate actions other cities are taking in Washington and beyond, as well as links to dozens of resources to help inform and guide you in preparing your city for the impacts of climate change.

Climate change planning and risk management: Panel discussion

Climate influenced events can add significant risks and costs to cities—impacting operations, finances, and budgets, as well as local economies. This insightful, in-depth discussion among Washington climate scientists and planning professionals examines how climate change is affecting our region, emerging risks to be aware of, and how to identify and prepare for the types of impacts your city is likely to face. Learn how some jurisdictions are using climate action plans (CAPs) to prepare for climate change.

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