Working in a pilot project, CQC helped diverse groups in Olympia come together around difficult local discussions on housing and homelessness. Community stakeholders spent several months learning and using leadership capacity building skills to invite community-driven conversations and that looked at how we can create an economy in our community that helps build stability and prosperity for those currently struggling to make ends meet.

Although this pilot focused on taking an upstream economic development approach to addressing poverty, the leadership skills underlying the pilot can be used for any messy, complex, perhaps stuck, situation. Community stakeholders came together as collective problem-solvers, as meaningful activists who want to create a healthier, more resilient community. What AWC CQC hopes the pilot will specifically do is increase community understanding, support better local coordination, and catalyze new partnerships and new local actions.

Pilot partners are The Evergreen College and the Athena Group.

Take a look at the Olympia Economy Innovation Forum results.